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Emily Reed, How to Identify Unheard Voices, ALA Editions, 2024

Brendan L. Johnson, K Odhner, Teaching News Literacy with a Digital Badge, ABC-CLIO, 2024

Emily L Mross, C Cole, Fostering Inquiry through Marketing Research: The Framework in the Business Classroom, ACRL, 2024

John E Russell, Data and Computer Vision, Art Bulletin, 2024

Brendan L. Johnson, Looking Inwards to Battle Misinformation, Penn State News Literacy Initiative, 2024

Emily L Mross, A L Pritt, Cooking up Lifelong Literacy: Supporting Student Success through Extracurricular Workshops, LOEX Conference Proceedings 2023, 2024

Devin Savage, Steve Borrelli, 2022 ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Highlights and Key Findings, College & Research Libraries News, 2024

John E Russell, Relearning Digital Humanities Librarianship, Association of College and Research Libraries, 2024

Cori L Biddle, Review of Manufacturing Chaos, 2024

Kathleen Phillips, For our Furry Friends: Pawsitively Perfect Places for Pet Parents, Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 2024

Denise A. Wetzel, Sara C. Kern, You Belong in the STEM Library Outreach Addressing the Unique Needs of Students, College and Research Libraries News, 2024

Sarah M Hartman-Caverly, Experiments in the Laboratory of Democracy: A Book Discussion Guide to Cancel Wars, 2024

John Meier, Algorithmic high-dimensional robust statistics, CHOICE, 2024

Jason A Reuscher, Review of The Kingdom of Rye A Brief History of Russian Food, CEU Review of Books, 2024

Denise A Wetzel, Standard Bearer: Engineering Student Must Learn How to Use Standards. Librarians Can Help, Prism, 2024

Linda Musser, Progress in Open Access in the Geosciences, Geoscience Information Society Newsletter, 2024

Linda Musser, Spotlight on new or interesting works: Osmanli devleti'nde nehirler ve goller, Geoscience Information Society Newsletter, 2024

Sarah M Hartman-Caverly, It's Love Data Week. Do You Know Who's Touching Your Bits?, 2024

Henry A Pisciotta, Mind the Gap: Embodied Cognition, Curiosity, and Recent Designs for Academic Libraries, 2024

Jason A Reuscher, Swarn: a tangled history of a simple dish, Gastronomica, 2024

Mae Casey, Separating fact from fiction: Maximizing dealer descriptions in finding aids, Descriptive Notes, 2024

Sarah M Hartman-Caverly, CFP: HxLibraries Symposium: Curiosity, Controversy, and Intellectual Courage, 2024

Bronwen K. Maxson, Betsaida Reyes, Lessons from a Research Trip to Mexico, De Gruyter, 2024

D Wetzel, Linda Musser, Finding the technical standards that play an important role in water quality, Keystone Water Quality Manager, 2024

Marci Mechtel, Erin Kitt-Lewis, Crista Reaves, Barbara Sinacori, Tara O'Brien, Tara O’Brien, P Logan, K Streiff, Patrice Rimbey, K Phillips, Kimberly Streiff, Kathleen Phillips, Durable Learning Strategies in Nursing Education: State-of-the-Evidence Review, Journal of Nursing Education, 2024

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